How to Use Keratin for Better Hair

How to Use Keratin for Better Hair

Have you ever looked at the mirror and wished for more volume in your hair? However, getting a head full of thick, healthy hair is not easy, especially in today's world full of pollution and stress. These can damage your hair and lead to thinning, hair loss, loss of volume, and even premature balding. Thankfully, scientists have been successful in finding a link between keratin intake and healthy hair growth.

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What is Keratin?

It might be hard to believe, but human hair is actually made up of a protein known as keratin. Keratin is also present in the skin, nails and the lining of glands and several internal organs. This protein acts as a protective cell layer as it is less likely to incur damage from scratching or tearing than most other cells in the human. It functions by smoothening the overlapping cells present inside each strand of hair. This overlapping layer of cells, known as the hair cuticle and theoretically speaking, absorbs the keratin.

What are the Different Methods of Keratin-Application?

 There are several methods for you to choose from when externally adding Keratin to your hair. You can:

  1. Opt for a keratin-based hair treatment (but be aware of accompanying chemicals which can actually do more damage).
  2. Use keratin-infused creams, shampoos, or hair serums (note: keratin will not penetrate the hair)
  3. Intake keratin supplements, such as Hair Nutrition

Benefits of Using Keratin

Given below are some of the most common benefits of keratin:

  • People who use keratin-infused shampoo daily enjoy smoother, more voluminous hair which is much more manageable. (Although keratin protein is not absorbed by the hair, it sits atop of the strand for a smoother appearance).
  • Keratin nutritional supplements can contribute to your hair's natural thickness, giving you thick, healthy strands that do not break easily.
  • People with curly hair benefit the most from using keratin-infused products. It makes their frizzy curls much more manageable and adds a natural gloss to their hair.

    Keratin-Based Hair Treatments

    Keratin-based hair treatment is also known as the Brazilian Keratin treatment or Brazillian Blow Out. It is a time-intensive, multi-step process and also quite expensive. First, a formaldehyde-based Keratin-infused cream is applied to dry hair, and then the hair is blow-dried and straightened. About a week later, the second phase of the treatment occurs, where the chemicals previously applied to your hair are washed out. Another treatment is done to set the straightening effect, which lasts for up to 12 weeks. Because of risky chemicals which may cause more damage to your hair and health over time, we opt to stay away from this type of treatment.

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    Keratin-infused creams, shampoos, or hair serums

    Keratin-infused serums or shampoos, or conditioners do not have the same effects or risks as keratin salon treatments. But, while the absence of harmful chemicals is preferred, there is no way for keratin topicals to actually penetrate the hair. That said, these topicals can give the hair a more robust appearance along with a measure of damage resistance. It is also suitable for treating hair that has been damaged due to excessive use of heat and dye. 

    Intake Keratin Supplements

    Keratin supplements are also available in the form of capsules. For example, Hair Nutrition, a multivitamin containing Cynatine® HNS and biotin, provides a soluble (bioavailable) form of keratin. In addition, it includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs to support better hair growth. (1). Other types of keratin supplements contain a less valuable form, keratin microcrystalline cellulose. If you are grappling with dry or thinning hair, then just two capsules a day of Hair Nutrition can help you get your desired hair quality in a few months. Clinical trials showed measured improvements to hair in 3 months, as well as benefits to skin elasticity.

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    Note: For best results, combine with Norway Pure, an Omega-3-based pure fish oil capsules.

    What is Cynatine® HNS?

    Cynatine® HNS is a revolutionary new cosmeceutical made of solubilized keratin. This natural protein has been shown to improve hair and nails in a 90-day clinical trial.

    Wrapping Up

    Keratin nutritional supplements are considered safe with negligible side effects, and are the most effective way to increase hair strength and luster over topicals and keratin treatments. The best form of keratin to ingest is the soluble form, Cynatine® HNS, found in Elavonne's® Hair Nutrition

    Note: As with any diet change, it's always best to see an expert before starting a new product, as some vitamins are contraindicated with prescribed medications. 

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