Top 4 Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care

While there are numerous toxic ingredients we want to avoid putting on our skin, here are the most common ingredients you'll want to avoid when choosing skin care products.

Skin Care Ingredients To Avoid

Bad Ingredient #1: Parabens

Why: Parabens are toxic preservatives which are known to be stored in the body and are thought to have an “estrogenic” affect (hormone disruptor). The cumulative affect of applying parabens to the body may be problematic to long term health, especially for women.* (Related: Protecting your hormones from turning toxic)

Bad Ingredient #2: Sulfates

Why: Most commonly, sodium lauryl sulfate, is a harsh detergent that is unnecessary in your skin care routine. Sulfates are also controversial as ingredients that can potentially increase your cancer risk.*

Bad Ingredient #3: Ethanolamines (Amonia Compounds)

Why: Diethanolamine, Monoethanolamine, and Triethanolamine help skin care manufacturers maintain product consistency texture and boost their foaming properties, but are also stored in the body and can accumulate over time. These toxic ingredients are considered possible carcinogens, and are easily absorbed in the body, which and over time, can cause serious health issues for some individuals.

Bad Ingredient #4 Alcohol

Why: There are many different types of alcohol and each serves a different purpose, but, our position is to avoid alcohol because of its drying properties and harsh effect on the skin. While a little alcohol may be ok in your skin care product, if it’s included as a main ingredient it can be a real problem. Consistently disrupting your skin’s lipid barrier is unnecessary and goes against our skin care philosophy.

Why Organic Skin Care is Better for You

Your skin is your body’s largest living organ. 

What you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Organic ingredients are recognized by your body and work with your body’s natural instincts for repair. Organic products are good for the environment. Organic is best for you, not just better.

Skin Care Products Can Be Organically Preserved

Elavonne’s organic preserve system of using plant and flower extracts keep our products close to their nature and agreeable to your skin while keeping the product from spoiling. Our products are good for a year from purchase when stored at a cool room temperature.

By comparison, our organic products are better reviewed and show more natural improvement over commercially made beauty and skin products.


Elavonne has formulated 5 unique organic skin care products that have proven results with promoting beautiful skin.