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It's what's inside that counts.

made in usa GMP certified

Elavonne® products are rigorously tested, using natural ingredients made in the USA at a GMP certified facility.

best collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements

Feel the power of collagen.

Elavonne has formulated the best collagen supplements for men and women.

Choose from our unflavored Amino Collagen C, a simple marine collagen with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Or try our Collagen Creamer, featuring clean, grass-fed peptides in a delicious, sugar-free vanilla.


Elavonne works with your body

We set the bar for quality and taste.

A higher standard of ingredient sourcing

Only the right nutrients will nourish your beauty. Elavonne's® best beauty supplements include collagens, fish oils, adaptogens, hair and nail vitamins sourced from the very best ingredients.

Rigorous testing at its best

Impurities ruin our health and disrupt our endocrine systems. Elavonne's® rigorous, third party testing ensures you get the beauty benefits of the purest ingredients exactly as they are labeled—and non of the impurities or contaminants that come with other vitamin supplements.

Gold standard manufacturing

Elavonne® takes GMP standards and elevates them. Our gold standard in quality manufacturing sets us apart for uncompromised effectiveness, taste, and usability.

Driven by scientific excellence

The latest in health research goes behind every formula. Ensuring no two ingredients compete for absorption, and every serving delivers a dose of beauty and healthy aging.

cynatine hair growth vitamins

Hair vitamins that work

Hair thinning and hair loss are hallmark signs of aging.

Revolutionize your hair health routine and improve skin conditions with Elavonne's® Hair Nutrition — transcending beyond ordinary Biotin supplements.

Experience genuine hair growth and healthy skin like never before. Our exclusive formula blends Cynatine® HNS with essential hair regrowth vitamins and minerals for men and women.

Healthy hair is within reach.

  • My favorite collagen

    "My first purchase of collagen powder was Amino Collagen C many years ago. Since then I have tried a few other brands but I always come back to Amino Collagen C. I believe it’s the best collagen powder"

    —Cheryl J
    Amino Collagen C

  • Works great for me!

    "I am a 69-year-old male. It takes time to see results, maybe three or four months for me, but it is REALLY worth it! Before I started taking this I was losing my hair rapidly... I actually have areas where my hair has completely grown back healthy as ever!"

    —R. Rabins
    Hair Nutrition

  • I FINALLY found the ONE!

    "I have a dairy free, keto diet and this creamer is my JAM every day. Blends down perfectly in my coffee. No clumps. I've tried tons of other keto creamers from Vital Proteins and other brands, this one is HANDS DOWN the best. Keep it coming!"

    —Jennifer Ann
    Collagen Creamer + MCT

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