Influencer FAQ

Influencers Program FAQ

What is it?
The Elavonne Influencer program allows you to share the love with our community! By signing up and connecting your Instagram account, you are eligible to earn FREE products or commission on sales referrals. 

Who is eligible?
Qualification for the Elavonne Influencer program is based on follower count,  engagement percentage, and a few other factors, including profile appropriateness and location. Also, only public profiles are eligible. Members who make their accounts private will be automatically deactivated.

Do I have to leave the verification code in my bio? 
Nope! Once we verify your account, you can remove the code.

Do you provide coupon codes that I can post?
Yes! Since these codes change periodically, please message us at to request a fresh promo code ;)

Am I allowed to do a giveaway post?
Yes! Just include the following on your giveaway post: Ask your participants to follow @elavonnebeauty on their Instagram to be entered.

Posting Info

How do I create a valid post?
Valid posts must have the three qualifying features:

  1. Mention #ElavonneInfluencer in your caption
  2. Tag @elavonnebeauty
  3. Tag 2 friends

How do I submit my post?
Once you complete the three steps above, you're all done!

Can I use Twitter or TikTok for the influencer program?
You can use all social media platforms, however, Instagram is required. Contact us at for more questions and answers.

Shipping Info

Do I have to pay for shipping?
As long as your shipping address is located within the continental United States, there is no cost for shipping.

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