Anti Aging Benefits of MCT Oil with Collagen

Anti Aging Benefits of MCT Oil with Collagen

MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride oil) and Collagen are two words you have likely been hearing a lot this year. Their popularity is on the rise, and for good reason, not the least of which is their supposed combined superpower to combat aging. Read on to find out if MCT Oil and collagen are really anti-aging, and how you can get more of them in your diet.


This oil is a popular supplement for the superfit: namely, bodybuilders and athletes. The name is short for medium-chain triglycerides, which are shorter chain fats. This makes MCT’s easier to digest. Commonly found in coconut oil, palm oil, and dairy products, MCT oil is packed with scientific-backed benefits including but not limited to:

  • Helping weight loss and exercise performance, according to Ying Wang “Medium Chain Triglycerides enhances exercise endurance through the increased mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism.”
  • Boosting energy*
  • Improving cognitive function*
  • Fights yeast and bacterial growth*
  • Reduces risk of heart disease*
  • Manages blood sugar levels*
  • Anti-aging*

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Collagen is a family of structural proteins that make up “the primary structural component of connective tissues, such as skin and cartilage,” according to Yale University. Collagen is found organically in protein-rich foods such as meat, eggs, legumes, nuts, dairy, and whole grains as well as some produce. The many benefits of collagen include but are not limited to:

  • Improved skin health*
  • Alleviated joint pain*
  • Prevents bone loss*
  • Increases muscle mass*
  • Promotes heart health*
  • Anti-aging*

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The properties of MCT oil give it many secondary benefits that help slow the process of aging.

  1. Fewer Health Issues: Research shows those who consume high amounts of MCT oil reported fewer overall health issues, including age-related ones such as blood clots, heart disease, and stroke.
  2. Chronic Infections: Are less likely for those who regularly take MCT oil, as it contains microorganisms known to ward off infections and decrease the build-up of arterial plaque, according to this study.
  3. Cognitive Function: The increase in cognitive function from MCT oil consumption can even ward off Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and autism. One study found MCT oil improved cognition levels of Alzheimer’s patients by up to 20%.

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Collagen has many anti-aging benefits that work cohesively with those provided by MCT oil.

  1. Arthritis Pain: Collagen helps to alleviate arthritis pain, according to a study published in the Journal of Arthritis.
  2. Healthy Skin: By the age of 60, our bodies have about half the collagen they started with. This is in part why our skin deteriorates. Collagen supplements increase our skin’s elasticity and hydration. It can even help to suppress UV-induced damage and photoaging.
  3. Minimize Wrinkles: A study reported the use of collagen powder in subjects significantly reduced eye wrinkle volume. Cedars-Sinai dermatologist Dr. Ohara Aivaz states, “collagen is what keeps our skin from sagging, giving us that plump, youthful look.”
  4. Minimize Cellulite and Stretch Marks: Collagen works to strengthen our skin thickness and elasticity, which in turn helps to minimize the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

The benefits of both MCT oil and collagen are equally impressive and widely-backed. Getting it in your diet has never been easier. Try our delicious vanilla flavored Collagen Creamer + MCT oil. A scoop in your coffee will add flavor, health, youth, and vitality to your life.

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