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Why Your Pillowcase is Making You Look Older

Pillowcases and face wrinkles


We’re always trying to do whatever possible to save our skin and hair. However, did we ever consider that every night we may be facing a challenging obstacle while we sleep? If you are still sleeping with cotton pillowcases, you are allowing long-term damage to result in your hair and skin. Loads of precious moisture is escaping our skin at night, and our cotton pillowcases are right there ready to soak it up. What can we do to protect our faces at night? Continue Reading

How to Find the Perfect, Best Moisturizer for Your Skin

Knowing the best ingredients for maintaining radiant skin may seem elusive or confusing. We all know that moisturizing is an essential piece of a grand skin regime and it is critical to your success. So how do we find the right moisturizer that has the perfect balance for us, without overdoing it? Many products in your typical neighborhood store are too heavy and make a mess or they are too runny and go wrong the other way. What is key to know is what works best for your skin and that you make sure that it is realistic and coordinates with your existing skin care regime.

Continue Reading

Your Anti-Aging Diet: Collagen From Fish Peptides

Anti aging diet

Ingestible collagen made from fish collagen peptides is proving to be one of the most effective of anti-aging skincare treatments. Collagen is one of the most widely used biomaterials for regenerative medicine and engineering of tissue. Collagen peptides have been used as a dietary supplement, and research results indicate that fish collagen peptides exert a positive effect on cells in terms of collagen synthesis, mineralization, and quality.

It has proven to be the most effective remedy for collagen deficiency, which causes issues like:

  • skin the sags and/or enlarged pores
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • receding gumlines
  • brittle nails
  • dry skin
  • thin/lifeless hair
  • joint stiffness
  • the rate of collagen decline from youth

Amino Collagen SupplementSupplementing with collagen is safe in normal dosages, and collagen is  present all over the body’s organs and tissues, in fact, it is the most abundant material in our bodies. It provides “the matrix that sustains the body’s structure” and is what helps maintain a youthful appearance. Its main function is to sustain tendons, keeps skin supple, and strengthens cartilage. It’s collagen that provides elasticity and firmness to the structure of our skin and body tissues. Boosting collagen levels in your body will keep skin supple and is guaranteed to be safe.* In fact, a study of women using fish collagen peptide has shown that result of ingested collagen supplementation supports a more youthful appearance.

Users of Elavonne’s Amino Collagen C Anti-Aging Protein for Hair, Skin, & Nails have reported more hydrated, supple skin, with a decrease in wrinkles. Amino Collagen C with Hyaluronic Acid is the most effective anti-aging supplement that is made from pure fish collagen peptide with no fillers or flavors.

Establishing that collagen status plays such a major role in so many areas of beauty and health, we have outlined a grid of its benefits and recommended collagen dosage for you:

Read: Studies of Amino Collagen Supplementation

A younger and healthier body is possible for you with collagen supplementation. Increasing the amount of COLLAGEN in your diet is easy with Amino Collagen C with Hyaluronic Acid from Elavonne. ORDER and START your transformation TODAY!


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Don’t Let the Sun Bring You Down

Sun Protection Anti Aging Skin Care

The sun is amazing energy that can do great things for us and our bodies, like stimulating the body’s own production of vitamin D, regulating healthy sleep patterns, and can enhance your mood and boost your state of well-being. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to it can lead to wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and possible skin cancer. Continue Reading