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best organic skin care for older skin

Best Organic Skin Care for Older Skin

What is the best organic skin care products for older skin? Organic and “older skin” don’t usually go together, but the fact is, that organic products in general are the best when you’re older. Leading skin care manufacturers would like you to believe that when you have aging skin, you need special chemicals and isolated laboratory…

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How to Find the Best Organic Moisturizer on a Budget

Skin care and budgets are not usually friends. Cheap organic products are not necessarily bad, and expensive organic products are not necessarily good. Knowing the best ingredients for maintaining radiant skin may seem elusive or confusing, and skin care makers bank on flashing marketing to get you to pay top dollar for simple, yet effective…

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Most Common Beauty Mistake

Morning Beauty Mistake #1

Should I wash my face in the morning? It’s the dirty little secret many skin care companies don’t want you to know.  When you wash your face in the morning, you may actually be stripping your skin of its precious natural lipid barrier (natural oils). Many cleansers rely on sulfates or other damaging detergents for…

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How to Stay Pale and Stay Organic

How to Stay Pale and Stay Organic

The new “tan” is a healthy glow from naturally pale skin. It used to be that dark, tanned skin was the way to go. But as that fad led to prematurely aging skin, women young and older have decided to keep out of the sun and protect from sun-damage. The new trend is healthy skin,…

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Face Cleansers: A Caution & Recommendation

Face cleansers are an important step in any skin care regimen. We need to clear our skin of makeup and dirt daily, but could your skin problems be caused by your face cleanser? There’s a difference when it comes to face cleansers, and we should choose them with caution. Some face cleansers boast about leaving…

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3 tips for sensitive skin

3 Important Tips for Sensitive Skin

Whether your skin is normal or sensitive, we follow the principle that our bodies, and skin by extension, are always working to achieve balance. Outside factors like stress, diet, environmental circumstances, cosmetic and topical products affect this natural balance and will show imbalance through dryness, acne, redness, and excess oil. With all the outside factors, even if your…

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Benefits of Organic Fruit extracts for aging

Organic Fruit Extracts : An Anti-Aging Secret

Berries, citrus, melons—we love em’ because they are delicious. Over time, many cultures realized that these items had healthful attributes for skin health as well. For thousands of years, cultures have used organic fruit extracts as skin care remedies, and they work to reduce the visible signs of aging. In fact, skin care makers have…

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Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Skin

Top 5 Lifestyle Tips to Improve Skin

Improving skin through lifestyle and organic skin care choices can be convenient and affordable. Youthful skin is a result of the whole body’s health from the inside out. If you lead a busy life, there are some basics you can include in your routine.  Get started with these effectual 5 tips. Continue reading “Top 5…

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Reasons for Organic Products on Sensitive Skin

3 Reasons to Use Organic for Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Likely, you are using conventional skin care or cosmetics that contain chemicals, preservatives, or highly process ingredients.  Usually we think of organic for our diet, not for topically applied products, but, conventional skin care products may be contributing to your sensitive skin problem. 1. Our Bodies Under Attack The time we live…

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Winter Weather Effects on Your Skin : How to Protect It

It’s getting very cold out there! We all know that we need to bring out the warmer coat or have an excuse to pick up a new pair of boots, but what about our skin? When the weather gets cold, our skin needs extra attention and protection. Continue reading “Winter Weather Effects on Your Skin :…

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how to get radiant skin

What is Skin Radiance and What Ingredients Improve It?

Skin radiance, we’re all searching for it, but what is it? Radiant skin is the perfect balance of hydration and even-skin tone, that makes that “healthy glow” we keep hearing about. Learning which ingredients kill skin radiance, and which ingredients and product combinations enhance skin radiance is the key to attaining that beautiful healthy, radiant…

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how to keep eye skin looking young

How to Keep Skin Around the Eyes Looking Young

Young looking eyes: How can we keep our eye skin looking young as we age? What are the signs of aging eyes and how can we combat these common problems? Continue reading “How to Keep Skin Around the Eyes Looking Young” »

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why choose organic skin care

Why You Should Be Putting Only Organic Products on Your Skin

Organic foods are gradually coming back into the mainstream market. Many people don’t realize that prior to the 1940s everything was organic. There simply wasn’t petrochemical or genetic engineering available to damage or alter our crops. Times have changed, and the damaging effects of these alterations to our natural world have started to show as…

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