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I drank hyaluronic acid for one month

I Drank Hyaluronic Acid With Collagen For 1 Month and I Looked Younger

I’ve been pretty lucky with the aging process. Well, actually, it’s not all luck. I think genetics helped me out a little. All the way through my thirties, with a healthy diet and regular exercise, I consistently passed for someone in their late twenties. But now, as I approach my mid-forties, the signs of aging…

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Can Vitamins Improve Your Hair Growth?

A full head of hair is a sign of youth and health. If you’re over 35, you won’t be surprised to hear that both men and women face this same devastating experience of thinning hair as we age. No wonder the industry constantly releases new products with the promise of thicker, stronger, healthier hair. From…

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Coffee Collagen Benefits for Aging

Coffee and Collagen: An Energizing Combination for Longevity

You might be surprised to hear about this combination, but truth be told, you’re about to see coffee and collagen in a whole new light. You may even try it for yourself tomorrow morning. Besides coffee being the drink (and vice) of choice for literally millions of people worldwide, there’s a ton of research lately…

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get rid of cellulite naturally

4 Natural Cellulite Busters That Work

Cellulite, fat dimples, cottage cheese thighs, lumpy legs, orange peel skin… Whatever you call it, everyone hates it. Number one, it’s unpleasant to look at, and number two, it’s a sign of less-than-peak health. For women, cellulite is most commonly found on legs, buttocks, and the back of the arms. For men, cellulite can appear…

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young looking mom

4 Secrets That Keep People Guessing My Age…

Looking younger than your actual age is possible, even in your 40s and 50s. What really works when it comes to looking and feeling beautiful? I can tell you, from my experience as a woman in her 40s, it doesn’t come in a cream or a bottle. Consistently, when I’m out with my daughter, I get…

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do collagen supplements work

Do Collagen Supplements Work? Here’s the Results

Collagen peptide supplements (especially from fish) are all the rage for skin care because of their superior absorption dynamics. The results have been demonstrated in scientific studies and from users of Amino Collagen C worldwide. Because collagen status plays a role in so many areas of beauty we provided a quick grid of the benefits…

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